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Personal Information

Name : Ki Yuen Lawrence LAU

Birthday : 12/27

Age : Ambiguous

Zodiac sign : Capricorn

Favorite colour : Purple (as you can see) and yellow

Favorite sport : Squash, Soccer, Badminton, Driving, Cycling, Hiking, War Game...

Hobby : Taking photography, Car, Collection of antique and fashionable watch, Computer..

Educational Background : see My Education page

Job : Assistant Professor in Space Geodesy and Engineering Surveying at University of Nottingham - Ningbo China campus

My PhD and Postdoc Supervisor: Prof. P A Cross in Department of Geomatic Engineering at UCL

Research area :

  • Multipath effect on GNSS positioning
  • Multiple-frequency GNSS data processing for high precision RTK application
  • GNSS biases and errors modelling
  • GNSS data simulation
  • Observation and adjustment modelling and method
  • GPS data processing (for detail, see My GPS Research Page )
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Vehicle Positioning System
  • Intelligent Transportation System

Working Experience :

  • Survey Officer in Lands Department of the Hong Kong Government
  • Junior Land Surveyor in Lantau Airport Railway (LAR) Project of Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC)
  • Research Assistant/Associate in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Technical Analyst in Nottingham Scientific Limited
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow in University College London (UCL)
Professional Affiliation :